Obviously it was a very popular place. At the same time, all four members of Motley Crue were there at a different booth at the restaurant to partake in this incredible deal. As the lunch went on, tensions started to run high.. “My parents have been associated with the name John Anderson for so long, it just made sense to revive the name when we opened,” says Sounpas. “Every week, I have someome that sees the sign from the road and they’ll come in and recognize our family from the first location. I don’t think any other family owned it as long as we did.”.

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“I had some rust for sure,” he said. “I felt like I could done a couple of things differently on the goals that were scored, but I can hang myself up on that. I know I going to be a little bit rusty coming back, but I definitely feel like it a good place to start.”.

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