Good news for the Ducks JaQuan Lyle has decided he will wear the Oregon name across his chest when suiting up for the 2014 15 season. The 6 5, 215 lbs point guard from Huntington Prep will be a great asset to the Ducks because of his ability to handle the ball as well as being a coveted five star shooting guard. Hopefully Oregon can utilize this 41st ranked (out of ESPN top 100) Evansville, Ind.

George Mitchell’s investigation into baseball’s steroid era was released, three members of the 2002 Angels turned up among the alleged users, including World Series MVP Troy Glaus. Hinch for the 2020 season. Astros owner Jim Crane then fired Luhnow and Hinch..

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With that, that is our Quick Tip. Before we get to the show though I do want two more quick pieces of the housekeeping. First of all, this week we’re going to be doing a special webinar. A stark reminder of the work that awaits was allowing six goals on 29 shots in a 6 2 preseason loss to Ottawa on Sept. 25 at Rogers Arena. Definitely one of the things that all great goalies have learned to do.

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(Though if you’re no longer a teenager, you really shouldn’t.) Three years ago, the Oxford English Dictionary bowed to the inevitable and accepted that “stan” is now officially a word. In 2019 Merriam Webster followed suit. To “stan”, it said, was “to exhibit fandom to an extreme or excessive degree”..

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