Drawing or Brining a Turkey How to brine a turkeyRemember when you were a kid and you learned to draw a turkey by tracing your hand? Okay, you’re a grownup now, and we’re not talking about that kind of drawing. This kind of “drawing” uses salt water. In fact, I think it’s referred to as “drawing” only in the South.

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There is also plenty going on during the holidays on Long Island. kicks off the fall season with haunted hay rides, spook walks, and jack o lantern carving then reminds us to show our thanks and gratitude. Christmas brings about twinkling holiday light displays and big Christmas tree lightings while New Year brings lots of lively parties and end of year celebrations.

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In the third period, the Red Wings got a pair of goals from Sergei Federov and Nicklas Lidstrom to make it 3 2. It stayed that way until just after the 15 minute mark of the period when Mariusz Czerkawski finally broke thru to tie the score at 3. The score didn’t stay that way very long, as even before Mariusz’s goal was announced, the Red Wings regained the lead on Sergei Federov’s second goal of the game.

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In most Westernized places children are no longer simply the natural result of marriage or partnership; instead, as a result of the spread of the concept of family planning, people are taught that children are to be intentional and desired objects added to one’s life after having advanced sufficiently in one’s career, having purchased a home, etc. Of course family planning isn’t a bad thing per se, but buying into this system almost uniformly and subconsciously changes those who adopt it. If you don’t believe me, why do people look at you like you’re insane when you talk about free range kids?.

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Bryan Westbrook once, after earning a first down in the red zone late in a game took a knee at the one yard line rather than score a sure touchdown. He did so because the Eagles were clinging to a small lead and they wanted to keep the ball and run the clock out rather than score and give the ball back to Dallas. I think most everyone watching immediately grasped why he’d done it, though (fantasy footballers’ agony notwithstanding)..

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