I can remember in our first season, we played against the likes of Clarke Gillies and Tiger Williams. That can be a little bit intimidating at times. Was too busy having fun to be intimidated.. Twelve games, 12 losses as foreseeable as a puck to the face. Can you imagine if this playoff structure existed today? Sports radio and highly attitudinal cable shows flip their lids whenever a major leaguer flips a bat. But for three years in a row, a clearly asinine playoff structure led to a totally predictable letdown, and one of the country’s major sports leagues just kept letting it happen..

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The 2019 20 Stanley Cup will be up for grabs later this summer as the NHL season resumes with a 24 team playoff structure. The expanded postseason has opened up the odds, providing greater profit margins for sports bettors. Below, we’ll look at the Stanley Cup futures odds, and make our picks and best bets at BetMGM..

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