“[E]ach of the Individual Plaintiffs has an objectively reasonable fear that voting in person in the 2020 Tennessee elections would endanger his or her personal health and the health of those sharing these voters’ households, by exposure to the Virus. Each is also concerned about the extent to which his or her appearance at a crowded polling location may contribute to the community spread of the Virus. They sue on behalf of themselves and all similarly situated Tennessee voters who are currently ineligible to vote by mail.”.

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On Monday morning, the transport undertaking said it operated 1,800 buses which was more than the services on other lockdown days to ferry those in the essential services and as well as citizens to hospitals and quarantine centres. The buses were installed with mesh guards on windows and windscreens as a precautionary measure. Manoj Varade, BEST public relations officer, said the transport undertaking staff as well as those employed with the wet lease buses had reported to duty.

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