Hand Painted Cup and Saucer by NoritakeIn the photo below are a beautiful 175 “Christmas Ball” cup and saucer by Noritake. As you can see the condition is excellent, with no cracks, chips, scratches, crazing, or cut marks. No loss of gold anywhere. I mean, I been practicing medicine for 47 years. I have seen cases of malaria and rabies. I helped businesses through avian flu, SARS, MERS.

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Try to get your phone unlocked before you come out, but if this isn’t possible you can get it done relatively easily here in one of the “loquotorios” (internet https://www.huaye.ru caf to you and me) or you can buy a simple pay as you go phone for about 30 euros. There are numerous networks but my friends and I have all ended up buying Yoigo cards, as calls between us are 0.12 euros flat rate. Phone calls are quite expensive here.

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