The bikeway, Labor says, would be three to four metres wide, and would connect Page and Florey to the commercial town centre. It would also invest in more bike racks and in Braddon and wants to work with cycling bodies to attract “cycling tourism” to Canberra. The Greens, meanwhile, announced they would consider building bicycle hubs in Civic and other town centres, which would include “end of trip facilities” like showers and bike storage to reduce barriers to commuting.

canada goose uk canada goose You just feel so much younger.”In Ottewell, the Greater Edmonton Foundation achieved what many communities dream of, a redevelopment that brings people together to meet the needs of a maturing community.Most of Edmonton’s older neighbourhoods were built with predominantly single family homes that once housed a lot of stay at home mothers and enough children to keep the neighbourhood school bursting.But as people in those homes age, it can be tough to keep a neighbourhood vibrant and evolving.Many neighbourhoods lack seniors housing, space for day cares and commercial amenities within walking distance, and are losing their community schools.Communities are looking for ways to save those schools and turn the ones they can’t save into other kinds of community hubs. The Ottewell facility gives them hope that’s possible.”It’s about meeting the needs of our membership from early childhood right to seniors,” said Lana Brenneis, a mother and businesswoman who’s helping lead an effort in Greater Hardisty.The effort started as a fight to save St. Gabriel Catholic School, but evolved into a long conversation about what healthy neighbourhoods need. uk canada goose

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