Don even want yarn. But I like to go and sit in the shop with Linda Berry Walker for a while and work on the Shirley sweater. I have to get back to it. EXCLUSIVE: The near future for 2020 college graduates is very much akin to a horror movie filled with an immense amount of uncertainty. They leave the great halls of knowledge into the biggest pandemic of the last 100 years, with 43 states currently seeing record unemployment.Knowing a lot about horror, and surviving uphill battles in Hollywood and winning, three time Oscar winning and Purge blockbuster producer Jason Blum delivered the virtual Commencement Address to the 2020 class of his alma mater, Vassar College. He offered warm, hopeful advice on how to navigate today’s daunting world, using his own ups and downs throughout his career as inspiration for the 600 graduates including the time he was booed off stage at the 2018 Israeli Film Festival for his comments about President Donald Trump.

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