Got down on my knees and begged them, please, give me time, I have nowhere to go. They said I should go to a homeless shelter I was a basket case. Ribes has since found a new place to live, but she can erase the images of the neglected chickens, the ducks left in their cages, and horses.

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The cemetery was started across the street from the hospital in an open field. It was mainly for people who had no family to claim their bodies after they died. The graves are marked with a plain stone marker with a number on it. Did today on grit and grind and hustle and work, not from execution and togetherness on both ends of the floor. This week is going to be big for us and that game Wednesday night, win or lose, working on our team together is going to be important for us. FANS HAVE TO SHARE JURASSIC PARK THIS YEAR.

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