“Sometimes they paint it to look like wacky stuff, but painting it to paint like the face of Elon Musk is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. It’s asking a billionaire to come in and just bring his billionaire status to our town.”The Golden Driller has undergone makeovers in the past. The first iteration was constructed in 1952 for the International Petroleum Exposition, an annual trade fair in Tulsa.

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And I would, you know, that was a really interesting process just in and of itself. And it wasn’t born out of some desire to grow a business one day. It was just intellectual curiosity and thinking: I think that this can be done in a more interesting way.

But it’s the outdoor space in the back of the property that will wow prospective buyers. There are two gathering spaces facing Lake Erie: a large stamped patio for al fresco dining and a floating deck with an even closer look at the water. Steps down the cliffside offer direct lake access..

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