A Roman friend once told me that if you stick a spade into the ground almost anywhere in Italy, you likely will hit a piece of the past. He was exaggerating but not by much. So when I began studying the history of the very first conclave to select a new pope, I expected to uncover something, but nothing quite as unusual as what I discovered..

Most all of us, no matter where we are on the continuum, “have good intentions but don’t know where to start,” he said. The “flittering effect” might send us from room to room, taking on one mess only to dart off to try another so we don’t see tangible results. The “bumping phenomenon” let’s us push that decluttering off for another day, week, month or, gulp, year..

It’s hard to win the arms race. One method is to actually use athletic tape to affix a beer to each forearm, which may lead to undesired hair removal. Another method is to place two beer cans into the sleeve of your team jacket, and keep your hand firmly in your pocket.

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