I’ll be honest. I don’t quite like the phrase hostile stares, even though I immediately know what people are talking about. The word hostile makes it sound like the person staring has to be bitter and wants to lunge out and attack and that usually isn’t the case.

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So, without further ado, let get started. The on field encounter is where your player training and goalie training plays a big role in winning and losing the match. A bit like an offensive player, the keeper needs to maneuver the ball towards the opposite goal in possession if potential.

We threw a lot at him. We got in front of him. We got the second chances. Think we a better skating team, and if we playing to our pace both skating and moving the puck, I think we taken over a little bit and created more chances, playing better defensively, Bruins forward Joakim Nordstrom said. We skating, we getting back on pucks better. It obviously helps our D to break the puck out.

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