Participants were categorized into groups: those who, in 1994, said they intended (during the upcoming year) to participate in contact sports; those who intended to play non contact sports; and those who did not intend to play sports. Among males, 26% said they intended to play football. On the whole, participants were consistent with their reporting on intent to participate in sport..

Ce comportement exemplaire, plusieurs grandes personnalits du sport professionnelles l’affiche. Mais il y a, en contrepartie, des tas d’gostes et de goujats, imbus d’eux mmes, qui gardent leurs fans distance par leur attitude hautaine. On souhaiterait que Beckham serve d’exemple tous ceux possdant une quelconque renomme et que tous ces athltes la joue comme Beckham au lieu de se la jouer, tout court..

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