How it works An entrepreneur puts up all the details of his/her business on a crowdfunding platform along with the goals, plans of the firm. He will also mention the amount needed and for what reasons. Then the interested consumers, who like the idea, can give their money with a pledge to pre buy the product or donate..

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Although some students return home to India after graduating, for the majority, the US academic journey is premised on continuing pursuit of the ‘American dream’. Their F 1 student visa allows a one year (three years in case of STEM students) paid Optional Practical Training (OPT) that usually results in a full time job, typically on an H 1B visa. Separately, tens of thousands of skilled white collar professionals from India also come to the US on H 1B visa, for short and long term projects that often turn into life long employment in the US.

Little kids really being put in jail? That was the question my daughters asked me when I picked them up from summer camp last week. For a minute, I was stunned into silence. I took a deep breath, overwhelmed by sadness that we live in a world where kids younger than my own girls are indeed living this reality..

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