Eric Trump claimed Democrats were using the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed nearly 90,000 in America, for political gain.USA TODAYPolice say man attacked married couple with machete because he was angry over coronavirus shutdownsA homeless man was charged with two counts of attempted murderSunday after he attacked a husband and wife with a machete because he was angry over shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, according to police. Metro Nashville Police said in a release that Kelvin Edwards, 35, randomly attacked the couple as they waited as customersinside the office of a Public Storage warehouse. Governments including the US and Australia have called in recent weeks for an investigation into the origins of the virus, which has become a flashpoint in deteriorating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

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In his initial filing, he explains that although he went to a beach party 2 weeks prior with 10 of his best friends, all of whom were in very close proximity to one another, not to mention eating from each other’s plates and sharing drinks, etc., regardless, he still thinks Nick infected him with Covid, because he and Nick work all day in very close proximity to one another. Claim now goes through Discovery Period. None of Michael’s friends have gotten a Covid 19 test, nor want to.

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