In case of emergency, TTY users should always dial 911. Calls placed directly to 911 can save valuable time in urgent situations. However, if someone places an emergency call to Relay Texas, the agent will process the call as an emergency relay call.

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Few main stage morning opening acts have been buzzed about as feverishly as Dying Fetus; the product of an online campaign for better representation of the heavier metal genres at Download as well as a backlash against the perceived softening of the main stage acts in recent years, the death metal unit were brisk yet brash in their eagerly anticipated set. Blending the genre’s characteristic ballistic drums and deep, staccato growling with blurry fretwork and gore filled themes, the Maryland trio delivered a sincere and compelling performance that set the crowd’s pulses racing. Drummer Trey Williams made a relentless pace look effortless as he bashed away at an enormous kit.

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