Ruxolitinib (marketed as Jakafi) is used to treat the rare blood cancer myelofibrosis and graft versus host disease, which causes a transplant recipient’s immune system to reject a new organ. It inhibits inflammation, reins in the body’s immune response and appears to induce the death of some kinds of cancer cells. Researchers in Denver and in St.

Google “shareholder meeting attack” and you’ll be amazed at the number of stories that come up. Most of them are about non violent attacks protest groups, people launching hostile bids or shareholders complaining about executive salaries or positions. But, violent or not, looking at the Google results (and reading this blog post or listeningto this podcast episode) you’ll soon see why it’s imperative for CEOs and prominent company executives to have executive protection and risk mitigation strategies in place..

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He set up a GoFundMe that friends and followers in Arkansas provided money for, and with that he was able to feed people affected by the disaster. That experience led him to Florida to help feed people in the wake of Hurricane Michael in October 2018. It was there he connected with World Central Kitchen.Pounders said the organization’s pitch to him in Florida was, “Keep doing basically what you’re already doing, but we’ll fund you.” Since then, he’s worked for the nonprofit in the wake of the Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif., in 2019; again in Florida and North Carolina and in the Bahamas.

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