In a few months, it is all set to change. The 2017 FIBA Asia Cup Asia’s most prestigious basketball championship which will feature top teams from Oceania for the first time is set to take place in Lebanon in August. With Amjyot, Amritpal, and Bhriguvanshi already in top form, India were looking poised to make some major noise and significantly improve their low FIBA World Ranking (currently 53rd).

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They connected, my parents both knew they had found the intimacy they had longed for,” she said. “A few close friends attended their small wedding, including Irving Berlin, David O. Selznick and William Bill Donovan. We need to keep talking about the discrimination this societal group in particular, and we need to keep discussing ways in which we can break the silence surrounding this discrimination. We would not sanction or support this sort of discrimination and prejudice against any race on this planet. In fact, we would exhort everyone we could to fight the prejudice against whomever was being discriminated against..

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