Yes the most exciting bit is nearing, the sales, and like a race horse I’m chomping at the bit. Wanting to be released from the stall, to race. We have so much interest from the little that we have released, that I really look forward to the day that all is completed, tested, manuals finished and the company says GO GO GO..

Not today, UCLA I have a vivid memory of my very first game. I was 12 and my father was given 2 tickets to an SU football game. It was at Archbold Stadium against UCLA. “This isn’t a one size fits all rule,” added Mertz. “Business owners will have to analyze their operations and make sure they comply. If a lot of charter captains don’t do that, or if there should be a spike (in COVID 19 positives), we could have to shut down fishing charters for the rest of the summer.”.

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