Two former yarn shop owners, Megan Sager and Diane Tolley of Mendham, are hosting a Knitathon in Mendham, NJ, on Sunday, Nov. 2, to raise funds for a commercial knitting machine for the BlinkNow Women Center in Nepal. Admission is $30, which may seem a bit high, but all that money is going for a good cause..

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Now, with Tusk Trotter approaching a decade in business, Nelson’s expanded his operations. Exponentially. He and his partners operate a catering and test kitchen called High South Culinary, an ’80s themed ice cream joint called Trash Creamery, a forthcoming Bentonville gastropub called Burg Der Gustropub, and they’re adding new locations for both Trash Creamery and Tusk Trotter in the First Orion Building in North Little Rock.

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