Well done Australia, the vast majority of you followed the rules and did the right thing over the last eight weeks. You stayed home, let your hair go crazy, watched too much Netflix and cried trying to navigate your child online learning. Now don go and undo all that hard work by breaking all the rules.

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canadian goose jacket A nonzero fraction (but of course not all) of the condemnation here comes from the literal Polish Communist Party (and their modern, slightly rebranded allies), aka the same people who brought us 50 years of totalitarian oppression and censorship enforced by secret police abductions. This strikes me as pretty rich.1) Most ordinary Polish people know about this topic, but many don find it anywhere near as scandalous as this breathless NYT article would have you believe. As far as I can tell this is not high on the list of pressing political issues for many regular people (despite a domestic Polish and foreign media blitz to the contrary).2) State media is widely regarded as a running joke, known for its comically hokey stories such as “Polish citizenry rejoices as Potassium exports rise 12%” (made up example but catches the tone) canadian goose jacket.